Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Airport Security – Fashionistas ain’t no terrorists.

While checking out the street style photo’s of the latest fashion weeks and facebook stalking uber stylish friends (and yes any woman can do both simultaneously) I decided something, something that nobody can contradict. That high fashion demands respect if only for the reason that some of the things that these girls put on are lethal. Literarily...

Looking back through my style files I have realised that I have done some pretty crazy shit for fashion and worn lots of outlandish looks, not gaga crazy, but enough to make lots of pass-byers take a double look and that’s usually a “what the fuck is up with that crazy bitch” look. Whatever, it comes with the territory and if I don’t get looks I get an “average” complex. Lol.

So back to the story, for me, WITHOUT FAIL, airport security will always take longer than most people. I know, I know, I should tone down what I wear when I’m flying right? It’s about comfort? WRONG! In my eyes it’s about looking flossy, flossy when you land and stepping out with a strut. So after checking in and then waiting at the scanner thingo I start to get nervous and it starts to show. I look like I’m about to be caught out for drug trafficking or something dodgy but the reason I’m nervous is because my carry-on bag is filled with crazy ass shoes and lethal accessories and I am not over exaggerating. Studs so sharp they could seriously hurt somebody, bangles so big if you throw them at someone you would surely knock them out. I am really into military chic of late like bedazzled gun holsters and I have this belt made up of empty gun bullets and when travelling to Adelaide recently you should have seen them loose their shit! They had to call security and had to take me aside, it took them like 20 minutes to sort it out. And all this time there is a massive long queue waiting behind me that I’ve held up with all the people giving me THAT look. And before you ask the reason I don’t pack this stuff into my ordinary luggage is because they are my most precious/expensive things and if any of it got lost or broken I would be seriously gutted. Yes, better suffer the embarrassment and raised eyebrows then lose sight of my favourite pieces.

 “Why are you taking in gun bullets”? It’s a bullet belt you mofo, they were empty bullets and frikkin painted in hot pink and bronze, in the past it might have belong to a homo terrorist, but that’s about it.

I used these in a recent photo shoot and they looked sick!

P.S. Don’t try to be witty with airport security, it will put you in a worse situation than your already in.

Totally digging these Micheal Kors collars... want...

This homegirls feel me...

So if you see some crazy looking fashion girl stressing out at airport security, cut her some slack and throw her a smile. Would make my day :)

Monicaca out.xx

*images sourced from jac & jill and 5inchandup

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