Saturday, February 11, 2012

Shady's Back?!

Ok, Shady’s not back. He never left. Actually he’s pretty popular...aparently...well I don’t really remember him pass he’s D12 days but whatever.

So hello blogging world...again! This is my 3rd return back to blogging and hopefully this time I will stick to it and become the Mariah of the fashion blogging. This return will be my “The Emancipation of Mimi” comeback! Wooooop!

Now the reason I am back is because, well I never should have left! Sometimes when you’re so busy with life and work, you get comfortable... complacent and you leave things or let them go by until they are no longer a priority. Well this year, 2012 will not be like that! I’m getting back to my roots and the things that I am passionate about! MMMMhhmmmmm that’s right sista’s! I feel like I have a unique fashiony perspective to voice and you can like my views or not but I think they will make for interesting reads.

So this is an introduction from Me to You...

Name: Monica Maria Morales Martinez (I have noticed it's a whole lot of M’s, no need to remind me)

Age: 25....fark!

Recognizer: Ma Curls

Profession: Fashion Stylist and Contributor

Actual Job that takes up MOST of my time: Head Stylist and PR/Marketing Coordinator of Sportsgirl, NSW

What I like to do when I’m not working or watching 30 rock whilst eating Doritos till I die: Shopping (online, westfields, boutiques, thrift stores, markets, garage sales...I aint picky), trolling fashion websites/blogs,  re-organizing my wardrobe, making jewelry and painting a vast array of things fluro, facebook stalking (I’m not as good as my housemate but he has taught me well), painting/drawing and working with new media, getting mad tanned at the beach...which under this overcast Sydney sky has been almost impossible and lastly hanging out with my favorite peeps at naval lodge, garradise and homo shore.

Who is for? It's for people who love fashion but are sick of the usual eastern suburbs, Olsen loving, belliage lob hair, lita wearing, serious as view point that is saturating the Australian blog market! Come here if you want to laugh and learn about high end fashion. I will keep it real for you...even though I do live in the eastern suburbs and have a soft spot for the Olsen twins...DAMN THOSE STYLIN’ SKINNY BITCHES!



  1. in complete adoration of your blog! and glad you have returned xxx

  2. thanks doll! And back for good!x