Wednesday, September 29, 2010

And then there was light...

Ahhhhh it's so nice to say you styled this or styled that after years of assisting. I mean there are only so many sky high pumps you can tape and chiffon waistbands you can steam before you start to get itchy feet and want to start calling the shots.

Me and my team were approached by desertfish magazine to do a submission, it was completely last minute as they called us on Wednesday, the photo shoot was to take place on a Sunday and the submission was to be sent through on Tuesday...aargggh! If your not familiar with styling, rest assured that this was no easy task as all I had was 4 hours on Friday to pull 4 looks for an international editorial! The day was heeeeeectic for lack of a more appropriate word. I wanted the tone of the shoot to be otherworldly but OTT and glam at the same time. I knew there would be a lot of light coming through so I wanted the pieces I chose to play on this. Here are some of the untouched photos...

This look was the urethral silver story, slightly more simple than the others but equally as effective. I used the Stamen necklace by Dinosaur Designs, Grey Diploria Necklace by Jessica Stewart, Silk hand tassel bracelet (worn as necklace) by Colette, Small silver Pendant which was my own, Moon pendant which was worn as an earring by Dinosaur Designs,  Diamond Cut Earring, Brooke Bone Rings, both by Colette, Opal Ring and an aray of wishbone bracelets both from Dinosaur Designs.

I love, love, love Dinosaur Designs and used the an obsence amount of it this shoot, but it just tied in so well! This look is possibly my favourite out of the four, I used Chrome Eclipse Ring, Opal Ring, Chrome Bones Fan Choker, Sunburst Necklace, Sunray Stud Earrings all by Dinosaur Designs, Pearl and Bead Mix by Travelling Treasures and the Chain 4 Finger Ring by Melody Ehsani.

This look was channelling a futuristic but tribal vibe, like those African ladies who wear the neck plates but at the same time totally not. I used the Black and Grey Diploria Neckpiece, Pastel Blue Transformer, Pastel Green Diploria necklace all by Jessica Stewart, Perspex Necklace by Peeptoe Shoes, Beige and Pink Studded Leather Headbands (worn as neck pieces) both by House of Hats, Chain Pow Gun Ring, Bad 4 Finger Ring both by Melody Ehsani and Pave Spike Ring by CC Skye.

I’ve been seeing a lot of agate pieces around for summer so I really wanted to do an all agate story, for the drama. I used the Agate Shard Necklace, Sunray Pendant both by Dinosaur Designs, Purple agate necklace by Peeptoe Shoes and Agate Rope Necklace (worn as bracelet) by Travelling Treasures. Watch out for the bulldog clip in last photo, like I said, these are all untouched, thank god for Photoshop!

Model; Melise @ Chic
Photographer; Nigel Lough
Styling by Monica Morales
Hair by Ryam Mitchell @ Valonz
Make-up by Cherrie Michelle

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