Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Blog Numero Uno..., so this a bit akward, it's like who's going to want to hear my thoughts? Takes me back to the days I use to write in my diary about Karencita and how much of a mega bitch she was or that my mum was totes not cool because she didn't buy me the Roxy bikini I HAD to have (I'm from Perth, I was 14, Roxy was a cool girls staple...don't judge me).
Well hopefully some of you out there are going to listen to my thoughts and not just my Mum who will comment of how beautiful she thinks EVERY post is, or not... whatever, I just really need a release of my own.
Why Monicaca? Well it's a nickname my brother gave me and through the years it's just stuck. It's pretty much a hybrid of my name 'Monica' and 'Caca' which in Spanish means poo... a-ha-ha...yes my brother is a freaking genius (sarcasm intended). No really, I've learnt to embraced this name, even my Microsoft office licence is called caca enterprises, thank you again Ricardo.

So this is just the ice breaker, Hola, Hi, how are you...blah, blah, blah.... Let's get down to business, BLOGGING. I want the 1st photo to set the tone for this blog, nothing too wanky, nothing too wack but nothing too boring. So while culling through my thoughts, it came to me! I made a bid on this lamp that was being sold on ebay about a year ago... I knew I would lose as it got out of control expensive and I couldn't possibly fit it anywhere in my apartment, but I saved the picture in hope that I might one day find a lamp of equal awesomeness...

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