Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sportsgirl Super Stylist

So here in Australia we don't have a Zara, H & M or Topshop, what we have is Sportsgirl, which for you non Australians out there (or Australians living under a rock) is high street to the max! I think any person with wicked style never goes head to two in anything, they mix and match fast fashion, designers, vintage, random shit all together to produce something organic and completely their own. That's why I think 'high street' or 'fast fashion' is so important, they take catwalk trends which we lust after and give them to us at a achievable price point and what we do from there is completely up to us. This is the POWER-OF-STYLING...
So as I have been a Sportsgirl devotee since the age of 12 I decided to enter the 'Search for a Sportsgirl Stylist' competition, where you had to submit a editorial you have styled with 5 different looks and the winner gets to help style the next Sportsgirl campaign. On a whim I decided to enter and I submitted my story "Light and Shade" which I styled in August and this week they got back to me saying I was a finalist! Yeeeeoooow, I am excited as it would be so much fun and such an honour to style the next Sportsgirl campaign. It’s such an Iconic Australian brand and such a great representation of the young Australian woman.

Please get on the Sportsgirl page check out my looks and vote for me, Monica Morales as it's based on  viewers votes and judges votes.

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