Thursday, October 7, 2010

Style Profile - Baba's got it going on...

TGIF....whopppppp! After a hectic week of running around getting various things studded, kicking Yolanda's aka Jack ass in boxing and of stalking various style blogs I have decided to profile one of my favourite stylist and fashion personalities, Catherine Baba, to end the week.

Now she may be exceptionally skinny, have hardly any eyebrows and to the casual observer slightly ugly, but it must be stated that her wickedness is universal. This is a woman who marches to the beat of her own drum, and you should know that her drum will be the most original and stylish drum in town.

Who is Catherine Baba? Well Australians she is one of us, but has been living in Paris for the past 15 years where she works as a freelance fashion stylist. She has worked with designers Jeremy Scott, Emmanual Ungaro, Moschino, Chanel and Givency and for magazines such as Dazed and Confused, Vogue, Gioello, Stiletto, Above, Paper and Vanity Fair.
I love her as she is a living and breathing photo shoot. What I mean by this is she dresses the way she styles with loads of jewels, bigger than her face earrings, turbans, layers and layers of clothing, sky high heels and usually toping it off with some over the top fur. She is like Ana Piaggi on less crack and was doing the Lady Gaga thing long before Gaga was a thing.

She mixes that ambiguous but classic 1920's/1930's look with that OTT 1970's Disco Diva vibe and then some early 90's ghetto influences thrown in there for good measure. You won’t spot her without a ton of bangles and a cigarette holder...does she even smoke? who the eff' knows.

Note to self: must by vintage cigarette holder tomorrow.

How do I say Catherine Baba is the queen of cool, without sounding like a dick? Ok there is no way...

She has been called "the most stylish woman in Paris" by Karl Lagerfield need I say more? YES! This is my favourite thing about her; She rides her bike around the busiest streets of Paris in some of the tallest heels I have ever seen! Like seriously does this woman have a death wish? I even take off my heels when I drive my car, let alone when I jump on a bike and I've been known to do crazy things for fashion! Bab's takes it to another level.

She is an example that someone who is not traditionaly pretty can pull off amazing looks, just add the most important element and that is confidence. Confidence is totes the key.

Just strut. s-t-r-u-t, s-t-r-u-t, s-t-r-u-t...

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